Uri Tadelis


Uri Tadelis brings to FSC over 25 years of diverse experience in finance, banking and real estate investments. The founder of several succesful companies, Uri has innovated unique commercial software for online trading and created liquidity for top financial institutions. Mr. Tadelis has been involved for the past five years in international transactions between major banks, hedge funds, financial institutions and leading corporations, allowing them to build wealth with private, municipal and national government platforms.

Gaya Rosenzweig

Manager, Software to Market

Gaya Rosenzweig holds a Degree in Business Management & Information Systems.
Gaya and served as a co-founder of RNA Technology Ltd. and has headed the sales and marketing of a startup with a 27-person team that worked with government offices, banks, insurance companies.

George Baumoehl

Strategic Director

George Baumoehl holds a MSc. Degree in Architecture and Construction Economics from University College London. George has a background in a real estate investment and development and brings a professional outside look into the equation of creating value for our company.

Regis Nebor

Manager of Software Development

Regis Nebor is an entrepreneur with an IT background who caters to automation in the financial world. Mr. Nebor co-funded Costra Enterprises Ltd. in a quest to introduce and conquer the Forex Brokerage market in Georgia then led its expansion to New Zealand, qualifying CostraFX for an FSP license, an effort later thwarted by the 2015 regulatory changes. Mr. Nebor has consulted for Majestic Research Corp., Popcast Inc., Yahoo Inc. and Mediacode Inc. Mr. Nebor specialized in tuning and enhancing software by leveraging their API to provide additional functionality to the end user. Mr. Nebor holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science Engineering from University Rennes I in France.


Legal Advisors

Mosegaardsvej 54,
DK-2820 Gentofte – Denmark